Welcome to Chincoteague Island, Virginia!


There's so much for everyone here, from the new resident to the casual visitor. We are located just across Chincoteague Channel from the Wallops Island Interplanetary Base, a major hub for intercity, interplanetary and even interstellar saucers, and the Wallops Island Fusion Plant, which supplies electricity to all of Delmarva.


Directly to our east, across Assateague Channel, is Assateague Island with its National Wildlife Refuge, home to a growing population of crustaceans, echinoderms and other invertebrates under the strict protection of the Satrapy

on behalf of the High Emperor Himself, such as the ghost carb at right, as well as the

famous wild "Chincoteague ponies" immortalized in Marguerite Henry's 1947 children's classic,

Misty of Chincoteague.


We are a patriotic, hard-working community with our very own chapter of the Society for

Common Decency , led by our own Robert Wright, principal of Chincoteague High School

When he's not out suppressing immorality in close cooperation with the FBI, he can                 

usually be found fishing for approved vertebrates or cheering on our own Chincoteague Colts.

We hope you enjoy your stay here, however long it is!



Our charming and historic Town Hall features framed portraits of Exalted High Viceroy Risssss-erianius (left), Satrap Richard M. Nixon (right) and of course the flag with the full text  of the Pledge of Allegiance:  "We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Satrapy of America. One white star for each continent, and in the center, the red dwarf star which is the High Ones' Homestar."