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Ziona's alternate history dramatically diverges from actual history after the first Israeli-Arab war of 1947-49, which began after the United Nations General Assembly voted, on November 29, 1947, to partition the territory of the British Mandate of Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab (Palestinian) State (left-hand map). The leaders of the Jewish community in Palestine accepted this plan, the leaders of the Palestinian Arab community, and of the neighboring Arab states, rejected it, and the war was on. In real history, this resulted in a victory for the Jews and the establishment of the State of Israel within the ceasefire lines indicated on the right-hand map (the "Green Line."). Scroll down ONLY IF YOU'VE READ THE BOOK!

Israel and her neighbors, 1949 ceasefire lines

In the alternate history in Ziona, the Israelis lost their war of independence, with the Egyptians overcoming the Israel Defense Force at the crucial battle of Isdud Junction (see above right) and marching on to Tel Aviv, while the actual historical battle went the other way; the Arab Legion (Jordanian) forces conquering all of Jerusalem, not just its eastern half (including the holy sites in the Old City), as in real history, as well as taking the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv corridor and winding up a few crucial miles further west in the outskirts of Tel Aviv than in real history; the Syrian Army conquering most of the Galilee, Haifa, and the northern part of the Coastal Plain; and Lebanon conquering a small part of central Galilee.



Palestine, April 1963 (Ziona, chapter 1)       Palestine, Jan. 1969 (Ziona, Epilogue)

Fifteen years later, in 1963, Syria and Egypt have been forcibly unified under the dictatorship of the (fictional) "Colonel Nidal," resulting in the map at left. The remaining Jewish population is in the three marked concentration camps, with secret plans afoot to ship them to an extermination camp in the Negev Desert (also marked). But instead, war breaks out between the Soviet-aligned Arab People's Republic and the American-aligned United Hashemite Kingdom. The latter emerges victorious, resulting in the breakup of the Arab People's Republic, but a successful rebellion in the concentration camps and a worldwide outcry result in the reconstitution of Israel within new borders, including "reparation lands" or "lands for peace" (right-hand map).


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